How to delete your account

You can choose between the following options:

– Log into the member area, go to “My Account” and click on “Cancel”
– Simply use our online support form

During your free trial, your account can be cancelled anytime. If you have subscribed for a regular package, cancellation must be carried out one day before the next renewal.If you have a regular package, the cancellation has to take place until one day before the next renewal.

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41 thoughts on “How to delete your account”

  1. Hi to anyone dealing with don’t they are a fraud!

    I was in a hurry trying to get hold of a file for a uni deadline,
    usually I do my googling with things like this but just rushed this
    time. The company makes it appear as if you are signing up for a free
    trial which will then be charged at 8.33 euros / month if you forget to
    cancel. Actually the charge you the full yearly fee straight up nowhere
    do you agree to pay a $99 dollar transaction in one hit. It may be
    hidden somewhere deep inside the fine print, but the information on the
    payment page and even the faq is very misleading and unclear, and make
    it sound like it’s 8.33 euros / month. If you have already been RIPPED
    CHARGE. This company is clearly trying their best to mislead and trick
    customers, and even if the $99 fine is hidden somewhere in the ten pages
    long fine print this is just not good enough – as a consumer you should
    not have to conduct and FBI investigation for what appears to be a
    small 8.33 euro transaction. This company do not deserve your money, so
    contact your bank and dispute the charge if you can!

    It is no point to contacting them, I used the form four times no reply, I
    tried two email addresses ([email protected] and
    [email protected]) supposedly posted by their customer service team on
    other complaints pages (more likely bots as it’s always the same generic
    message posted as an answer to all problems) and both emails bounce.
    Accroding to other people with problems you can’t phone them either you
    just end up in a never ending loop where you don’t get to talk to
    anyone, and no problem is dealt with! So unless you want to waste stress
    and money on international calls it’s probably easier dealing with
    PayPal or your credit card provider. I have seen posts of PayPal
    refunding this so I repeat do not be deterred by the fine print; you do
    not want nasty un-ethical people like this to have your money or credit
    card details.

    To top it off the software shows up as malware / virus, and I couldn’t
    even get the file that the search showed up they had on their servers.
    So basically they give you a shitty service a virus and charge you 99
    euros for it while laughing at you!


    • how can i cancel my trial acc? Since i worried right now. I even used my paypal but those banks affiliated is no longer used now. Hopefully you can help me thanks

      • 1. The click account cancellation button is fake, so instead contact them by address, telephone or email
        2. Must call your bank immediately and get them to block or cancel any transfer payments to usenet,nl.
        3. Go to your gmail, outlook, yahoo or gmx etc and find blacklist email in settings then block @usenet,nl.
        4. Keep proof of cancellation they send to you and if they threaten you for payments, don’t worry about it.

    • They’re consistent with their stealing policy. Although I sent the cancellation mail in due time, they didn’t want to cancel it. They stole almost 100 Euro from me!

  2. Rubbish. I cancelled same day I started the trial. 4 June. 20 June I get charged $100. I never even used or installed any reader. Then I get an email saying I didn’t cancel but they do it for me in 15 days. (Asking please not to do a bank reversal to keep their reputation). No email address for them. Hundreds of people scammed and lost money all over forums. We should contact Interpol and log a Fraud/Theft case. Disgusting people.

    • can you tell me what you did to receive them? I have the same problem, but I don’t know what I need to do to get them back

      • Let me know if u already solve it? I have the same problem but with my paypal acc with no longer affiliated banks. I’m getting worried.

    • omg this also happened to me. I signed up on january and i also sent them the cancellation form, but actually I didn’t get any email from them and I’m worried that they’ll charge me one day

  3. I desperately needed to download a book which i saw in their webpage. I used my debit card details and now i want to cancel it but i am not getting any confirmation and it shows as active in my status. This is so annoying. I live in thailand.

    • May I ask you somthing? I am nervous I send email to usenet.nt but they never reply my email I want to cancel. how should i do?

  4. Whoever is thinking of subscribing to their free 14 days trial… think again a million times more! Definitely fraud. They make the cancellation process near impossible so that they will be able to charge you and claim innocence. Happened to me. You go to their online support form to cancel and they make you think it is confirmed by asking you the reason for cancelling. But i was charged at the end of the month and when i lodged a complaint, they ask you for proof. Then… suddenly you realise you can trace back all the correspondence made earlier via their online web. Clever… aren’t they? Tsk..tsk

  5. Where ever they are in the world they are whole big load of shit dishing out Promises the never materialize just to get your bank details to happy for on a spree with our cards, So just how many people in the world did they hoax guess what you not the only and i mean across the world. I signed up and Voila like magic money was deducted from my card. YET it stated FREE trial., so what the ^%$&& is Free Trial in that country I would like to know, Oops Yes I do know now, my account felt the pinch!! And I am PISSED OFF.
    They should all be locked up and the key thrown away far far away. The bloody rouges they have no scruples to steal from innocent .
    students. The best thing is to cancel you card .Change your bank if you have to , because these people are Leaches. Not impresses with them is not the word!!

  6. hello, 2 weeks ago i clicked a link where to download free music sounds in a community forum.they said it was safe just required CC but that it s trust site… i filled with my infos and put my mom s card number but i thought i wouldn t pay anything.. webiste gave me username and password to get in so i didnt had a normal procedure of a signup… they tried to take 99$ but the bank blocked the card. on the original website the first page says 14 days trial which i didnt encoutered.. now i have a contract with them and i have to pay… the cancellation will be terminated on june 2020 and if i dont they will send me a bill at home with additional charges. they told me on the phone. their address is italian and i m half italian and i called the building but no one knows about ….
    i m not paying them and we should all call paypal and police to close this business.

    their number on the italian companies websites was wrong they added the italian code plus english code in number…
    true fraud

  7. The information given above to close an account on doesn’t work.
    After you fill in all of the cancellation information required, and click the “continue” button, you’re told to reenter your password “due to security concerns”, but then it says the password is “invalid”.

    after you go through the process of creating a new password, enter all your info again, and click the “continue” button, you’re told you need to speak with someone on the phone to “complete the cancellation process”. It doesn’t register any of the information you’ve taken the time to fill out, and the account subscription status still says “not cancelled”.

    You cannot cancel the Usenet subscription on their website.

    I have sent 4 different messages to them, two using their messaging system, and two using email, sending them to –
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    When using their messaging system, a message pops up saying they may not respond if they’re too busy…!
    No one has responded to any message I have sent…

    Despite 4 messages asking them to cancel the trial subscription, I got an email today saying they are going to charge me $99 “in a few days”… there is no way to opt out of this. You can’t respond to their emails, as they go to a “noreply” return address.

  8. If you chose to pay by Paypal you can easily cancel the payment. Go to Settings -> Payments -> Automatic Payments and there you’ll see the sammers’ site. Just cancel it.

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    You have touched some good points here. Any way keep up wrinting.

    • I registered to an account in because they had a book that I wanted. I’m anxious in giving out CC details online so I just input my Paypal and even through PayPal there was no CC details, just my email address.

      I looked online and they said to cancel the subscription in Paypal and I did the same and there were no Recurring payment listed.

      Am I in the safe?

      I emailed them too to cancel my subscription but they didn’t reply.

  10. Here what they sent me to read in small print: Art.10 Cancellation right

    Cancelation advice ~ The right of cancellation:
    You have the right to cancel this Agreement within fourteen days without stating reasons. The cancelation notice period is fourteen days from the date the Agreement is signed. In order to exercise your right of cancelation you must inform us: S.r.l.
    Via XXV Marzo, 4
    47895 Domagnano
    San Marino
    Telefonnummer: 0211 41 768 768
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    by making a clear statement (e.g. by a mailed letter or email) of your decision to cancel this Agreement. You may use the enclosed sample cancelation form to do so although it is not mandatory to use it. You can also complete and send the sample cancelation form or other clear statement electronically on our website. If you use this option we will immediately send you (e.g. by email) confirmation of receipt of such a cancelation. The cancelation notice period is deemed to be complied with if you dispatch the notice that you are exercising your right of cancelation prior to the expiry of the cancelation notice period.

    Consequences of cancelation:
    If you cancel this Agreement we must repay to you all payments we have received from you including delivery costs (with the exception of the additional costs arising from the fact that you have chosen a different type of delivery from the cheapest standard delivery offered by us) immediately and within no later than fourteen days after the date on which we have received the notice that you are canceling this Agreement. For this repayment we shall use the same payment method you used for the original transaction unless a different method has expressly been agreed with you; under no circumstances will you be charged fees for this repayment. If you have requested the services to begin during the cancelation notice period, you must pay us a reasonable amount corresponding to the proportion of services already provided up to the time at which you notify us of the exercise of the cancelation right relating to this Agreement compared with the total extent of the services provided for in the Agreement.
    End of cancelation advice.

    Sample cancelation form to printout:
    (If you wish to cancel the Agreement, please complete this form and return it.)
    – To S.r.l.
    Via XXV Marzo, 4
    47895 Domagnano
    San Marino
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    – I/we (*) hereby cancel the Agreement entered into by me/us (*) for the provision of the following
    service (*)
    – Ordered on (*)/received on (*)
    – Name of consumer(s)
    – Address of consumer(s)
    – Signature of consumer(s) (only where notification is on paper)
    – Date
    (*) Delete if inapplicable.
    End of sample cancelation form.

  11. I tried to cancel by filling a cancellation form on their site only for them to respond immediately that I extended my subscription by one year rather than cancel. Because of Usenet I have had to block my card and it’s now impacting my other legitimate online uses. What can I do please? because I think they even use fake names to submit for payment

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