How to delete your Videobb account

From their site: “To cancel your Membership, simply cease using the Site and applicable Services and cancel the subscription with the applicable payment processor, if any.” – in other words, if you are a paying member, stop the payments. And for all members: just stop using it. But that doesn’t delete your account, unfortunately.

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7 thoughts on “How to delete your Videobb account”

  1. Theyve been charging me $9.99 for 100 months as of this month! Oct.2019 for a total of $999.00 of course I’m nit actually payung it and havent used the site in years, not exaggerating actual years… I dint even know if the site is still up but I think its funny youve no option to cancel other than to “stop using the site” I had used a gift card visa to pay my 1st and only months subscription to the service so no biggie there.



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