How to delete your Vkontakte account

As one of our dear visitors pointed out, it should now be easy to remove your account.

Go to the address listed below. There you will be asked to “Please specify the reason for removing your page” and a choice of 6 options.


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12 thoughts on “How to delete your Vkontakte account”

  1. Hi I need help to delete my Vkontakte account. I find it hard to delete it can you help me to delete my VK account please?

  2. Hi, my account got hacked and my password was changed and I wish to delete it. Is there a way to delete it if i do not have the password? I have my email and phone number.

  3. VK is a fraud.. They will not BLOCK my account, saying the phone does not match up. The phone is real and accurate, and the password was changed, UNAUTHORIZED by a hacker. They want a copy of my driver’s license, a selfie taken as well by my computer with copies of email correspondence to and from vk. I made the mistake of providing both which the FBI warned me after the fact not to do. NO text code could be sent, because I believe the phone and passwords were hacked and changed. There have been strange men lurking as well. I only joined in 2011 to access a video documentary about a Russian pianist. VK has obviously received multiple verifications of my identity but REFUSES to block or close down the account. I made a report to the FBI and FTC. There should be a class action suit against them

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