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How to delete your xBox account

You’ll have a generic MS account if you created one at one of their MS services. E.g. we had an xBox account too (so it seems) which is simply our Hotmail test account that belongs to MS too.

For more info, also see the MS Office entry at AccountKiller. Summarising: you can’t do it, so then the advice is to contact them by form, mail or telephone. Otherwise it may be enough to cancel the original account (perhaps a Hotmail or Live account). See the entry for those on AccountKiller too.

For cancelling xBox subscriptions see:


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  1. Martin

    I had a really hard time trying to cancel my Xbox Gold subscription few years ago. Their website was a giant loop which put you through a long list of related websites in which you had to input a lot of information so finally you would end up right were you started and achieved nothing. I was easy to do over the phone but my situation was unusual as I had my account set up for Great Britain, where I lived for few years but when I was trying to delete it I was in Poland. Polish Microsoft was sending me to Great Britain’s and they were sending me back to Poland as I wasn’t a resident of England any more. I ended up mailing US’s Microsoft calling them cunts and wankers and few day later I got a message if I still want to subscribe on my Xbox 360 console. After that I sold Xbox and I won’t buy any other console of them cunts.

  2. hero

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