How to delete your Yatedo account

There are several different options for deletion of profiles or your complete account, please see the link.

However, the Terms of Service (art 14) state that you may delete your info “where Yatedo has made this option available to you”, keeping things a bit unclear.

Besides, it seems Yatedo gathers lots of publicly (?) available information about people and stores it. This is always risky: situations where 3rd parties store info and (e.g.) that info gets renewed or deleted on the original site. Incorrect or unwanted info about you could linger in the digital universe.
We’ve received the following statement from Yatedo:

“Dear all, I’m Samya, I work at Yatedo as a Social Media Manager. I’d like to shed light on Yatedo’s activity regarding your concern 🙂 We proceeded to few improvements on our site: we created an about section with more information about our people search engine. The new link leading to our deleting tool is:

And if you want to have more information about the deleting process, please read this:

If you want to know more about how to manage your digital ID with Yatedo, check this link : I hope this helps 🙂 Samya from Yatedo”

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