How to delete your Yatedo account

There are several different options for deletion of profiles or your complete account, please see the link.

However, the Terms of Service (art 14) state that you may delete your info “where Yatedo has made this option available to you”, keeping things a bit unclear.

Besides, it seems Yatedo gathers lots of publicly (?) available information about people and stores it. This is always risky: situations where 3rd parties store info and (e.g.) that info gets renewed or deleted on the original site. Incorrect or unwanted info about you could linger in the digital universe.
We’ve received the following statement from Yatedo:

“Dear all, I’m Samya, I work at Yatedo as a Social Media Manager. I’d like to shed light on Yatedo’s activity regarding your concern 🙂 We proceeded to few improvements on our site: we created an about section with more information about our people search engine. The new link leading to our deleting tool is:

And if you want to have more information about the deleting process, please read this:

If you want to know more about how to manage your digital ID with Yatedo, check this link : I hope this helps 🙂 Samya from Yatedo”

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14 thoughts on “How to delete your Yatedo account”

  1. It’s bogus. Yatedo’s delete tool is just smoke. It doesn’t work. We’ve tried it many many times over several days and it keeps saying it’s an invalid profile or URL which is ridicilous. So I’m suggesting everyone start making fake Yatedo profiles to miss them up and give them a taste of their own medicine.

  2. yes it is a fake, what looks like a screen to remove your account is in fact a screen capture. Following the link to… just takes you back to your own profile page.

  3. it doesn’t work…. Could you find any other possible way to delete it? I’ve been trying for a while and nothing seems to work! Thanks in advance!

  4. Yatedo got all my Linkedin profile information, including all information which does NOT appear on my public profile. My guess is that they “sniffed” all data by requesting Linkedin access to one of my contacts…

    Result: a verious breach of privacy, because a lot of information “private” on Linkedin (supposed to be seen only by my own contacts) is shown openly on Yatedo.

  5. I figured out how to delete the profile finally! It actually took some hunting and the above in the article is incorrect. Needs updating.

    1. go to the settings page.

    2. go through the various steps to update your account if asked. I was asked my schooling, job, and expertise. I just put random crap that had zero to do with me. the real settings page with then appear.

    3. in the general tab, click the “Deactivate my account” link at the bottom.

    4. three options will appear. Do the one you want!

  6. Man..this just isnt working…how the hell do we delete the yatedo account!!!
    @jaeb0922:disqus I can;t find the general tab anywhere..

  7. while searching around I found a profile of me on this site but I did never created it, and in linkedin I already deleted my account long time ago.
    is there anyway to delete this profile on yatedo.

  8. The Yatedo experience got me to SHUT DOWN with “social” media…closed my Linked in (which I liked), got rid of Facebook, won’t touch Google + with a 10 foot pole now….talk about invasion of privacy. I’m even going back to my internet provider email. It is getting crazy out there.

  9. ONE other thing…I never did create a Yatesucks account…So there is no ‘account’ for me to delete…….yet they have all of this personal info of mine out there for the world to see. Someone should create a Class Action Lawsuit!!!!!!!!!

  10. The delete tool does not work. I am angry. They are scamming people and will not allow us to take control of our own information. They should be sued, now.

  11. Its outrageous, I have written to them advising that all public information on me should be removed as it puts my safety in jeopardy as I have a stalker, all they do is refer to the bogus link and tell me as they are French they do not have to abide by UK law, so what about EU law,? Well they didnt ever answer that question, in meantime my lovely stalker can access all sorts of information on me

  12. There is no option to delete famous profile…People who never created profile with their own name and now these profiles are appearing on their name and if they want to delete these profiles with yatedo delete tool it says famous profiles can not be deleted. disgusting

  13. It doesn’t work – can you believe these scammers want you to send them ID before they will delete and account that you never authorised being created!


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