How to delete your Zazzle account

From their international FAQ:

“To terminate your account, simply send an e-mail to Customer Support ( that contains your username and the email address associated with your account. Once you’ve done so, a member of our Support Team will disable your account and remove any products both public and private. The account will be deleted fully when our system processes the next batch of account removals.”

For international Zazzle customers there is no mention at all about this termination service. A shame.

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5 thoughts on “How to delete your Zazzle account”

    • I just noticed that. After dealing with them jerking around with me over MY OWN frikkin artwork, which they keep arguing is “copyrighted” (I OWN the frikkin copyright), I deleted all of my images today, then went to delete my account. No d*** customer service link! I emailed the tech guy to tell these a##hats to delete my account. I’ll dye sub my own stuff.

  1. this company sucks. they have screwed me out of money, i cant access my account, it shows no balance and they ahve not paid me

  2. They are liars. They don’t really remove your account. I deleted my account two years ago and got the email saying it would be removed in the next batch of account removals but apparently they never removed it. It’s true that when I tried to log in regularly it didn’t work but I could still get their system to send me a login password and reset my account using their ‘forgot my password’ system. Worst of all is everything is there as I left it. My complete order history, etc. Very shady and untrustworthy company, avoid them completely if you value your privacy.


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