How to delete your Zendesk account

As stated in the ToS ( ) you can (request to) delete your account, and it seems everything will be erased. But where to do so? The PP seems to answer the question: If you () would like to () request deletion of information () please contact us at [email protected]

However, as is often the case with commercial sites, We may () retain and use () personal information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

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2 thoughts on “How to delete your Zendesk account”

  1. The problem with your Zendesk suggestions is, unfortunately, that many companies now use Zendesk and automatically create accounts for their users. Even if the user does not sign in with a password, the company already has your email address and other personal information linked to your account with them. Zendesk has been hacked before.

    I do not feel comfortable knowing that (1) Companies using Zendesk use it without first informing customers that a support ticket will be created on Zendesk; (2) There is no way to delete that support ticket as an end user, even if you signed in to Zendesk. You have no control over your Zendesk support tickets even as the user who created them.

    This is very disturbing and to me it is a huge privacy concern. I would write Zendesk about it, but they would probably create a Zendesk support ticket.

  2. I Got the shit from zen desk and can’t get rid of it and can’t where the program is hidden. Unluckey for ZEN Desk they have an office 30 miles from me .I plan on making a social call to have them fix.


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