How to delete your Zynga account

Zynga is the maker of some ‘social games’ that are played by millions of people (e.g.: FarmVille).

You generally log in on a site (typically Facebook) and connect to Zynga by playing a game.

1. How to delete your (hidden!) account at Zynga? Send a mail to to Place “Delete My Account” in the subject line and include your first name, last name, e-mail address and user ID number for the SNS from which you access our games (if applicable) in the body of the e-mail.

2. How to delete a game? See

(From their FAQ)


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5 thoughts on “How to delete your Zynga account”

  1. They are refusing to delete my account with just my name. They say you need to get your Zynga ID as well, by following these directions:

    Right now I’m pushing them to just remove it because as a very upset former-player, I do not want to login.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I’m deleting words with friends. I’ve really enjoyed playing with you, but the game has moved so far away from the original version and become so bloated with bullshit. The final straw for me is allowing people to buy cheats. Swap without losing your turn. Zynga is a very greedy non customer friendly company the can really take the joy out of a great concept. I suggest you delete your. Account as well and gain back some of your valuable free time.

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