How to delete your Alpha Fuel X account

About Alpha Fuel X

Alpha Fuel X is a dietary supplement, often touted as a male enhancement supplement. It came out on the market a few years ago and is manufactured by a company called Science of Alpha.

Alpha Fuel X is designed to help people increase their testosterone levels which in turn help to increase muscle mass and energy while dropping excess fat. The ingredients include Bulgarian tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, hawthorn, longjack, saw palmetto berries and cissus quadrangularis. These ingredients are scientifically supported to show that they can improve nutrient absorption, increase energy and power levels, and aid in increasing muscle mass. Alpha Fuel X also contains chromium picolinate and 99 mg of caffeine. It is not recommended for persons under the age of 18, anyone pregnant or nursing and it is recommended to speak with your doctor first.

Alpha Fuel X dosages allow for only 1-2 pills per day, which is much lower than many dietary supplements on the market. Customers may purchase Alpha Fuel X from a variety of websites, such as eBay and Amazon, in addition to the official site. Prices range from $53 to $90 per one-month supply bottle, depending on which site or online store is visited. The official site offers a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing customers the opportunity to try the product and see if it’s right for them.

If you have a monthly recurring subscription for Alpha Fuel X and find you no longer need the product for any reason, we can you help cancel it. We have included a simple step-by-step guide on how to contact the company to cancel your subscription. We’ve also included what pieces of information you’ll need when you cancel. Continue reading below for more information.

Some Account Information You Might Need

We’ve found that the following information might be needed when you use the below methods to cancel.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Billing Address
ZIP/Postal Code
Reason for Cancellation
Last 4 Digits of Card
Date of Last Charge
Amount of Last Charge

How to Cancel Alpha Fuel X by Phone (Live Agent)

Step 1. Contact the business at 844-845-8061
Step 2. Advise the representative that you want to cancel your account
Step 3. Provide the agent with your account info
Step 4. Ask for a verbal confirmation code or email as proof of your cancellation
Step 5. Retain the confirmation information you’re given

Alpha Fuel X could also be known as the following

Alpha Fuel X
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