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How to delete your Xing account

Use the link to delete your account. Otherwise, try this link:;id=185URLS: http://www.xing.com

How to delete your Yahoo account

Direct link to delete your account, and of course, all associated Yahoo services cannot be used anymore. So also Flickr (if you have it) will be deleted by this action! If you wish to delete only your Flickr account, find Flickr in our list: you can delete that one separately.URLS:

How to delete your Wikipedia account

Due to the fact that you do not need to provide any personal information, and Wikipedia needs to track who made what changes, the site is not on the black list. Nevertheless, if you still fear your privacy: you cannot delete your account – only change your login. See URLS:

How to delete your Twitter account

Use the link below to deactivate your account. Twitter calls it ‘deactivation’ instead of ‘deletion’. In spite of this, it seems your info will actually be deleted. Read for more info.URLS: http://www.twitter.com

How to delete your StumbleUpon account

Make sure you are logged in, then use the direct below link to delete your account. For more info: URLS: http://www.stumbleupon.com

How to delete your Skype account

You have to chat with a Skype representative to get the account deleted. You can’t access the chat support unless you are signed into the account (thus no direct link).URLS:

How to delete your Hotmail / Live account

Direct link to end your mail account. For closing your complete Microsoft account, there is a different link, see: //

How to delete your Typepad account

Much fuss and unclarity here. You should contact them using webform to ask for account deletion. At Typepad it is only possible to deactivate your (free) account automatically. See also and http://www.typepad.com