How to delete your Habbo account

You can’t delete your Habbo Hotel account. Habbo is pretty unclear about when -at all- your account will be deleted. From their help pages: We do not delete accounts at request. If you no longer wish to use an account you can take all your furni off of it, delete all rooms and spend all … Read more

How to delete your Bebo account

Compliments to Bebo, the link is easy to find and your data will all be deleted.URLS: http://www.bebo.com

How to delete your Photobucket account

Unfortunately there is no precise deletion URL, because your login name is involved. So, in the main screen, click Account status; then the link ‘Delete my account’. Easy come, easy go.URLS: http://www.photobucket.com

How to delete your Hulu account

About Hulu Hulu is an over-the-top streaming service. It was founded in October 2007. Hulu was founded by key executives, Bruce Campbell, Peter Chernin, JB Perrette, Michael Lang, Beth Comstock, and Jason Kilar. The name, “Hulu” came from a Chinese proverb meaning “holder of precious things” and the secondary meaning which was “interactive recording”. Several … Read more

How to delete your Etsy account

Scroll down on the given page. There you can ‘close’ = deactivate your account, but not delete it. No clarity about deletion = no spot on the white list, sorry. If you don’t see the ‘close’ link, or want more info, read: If deactivation is not enough for you, you could try and request … Read more