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How to delete your Ello account

Make sure you are logged in, then go to the account settings page: Scroll down to “Account Deletion” and click “Delete”. Confirm. URLS: http://ello.co

How to delete your Douban account

It seems that you cannot delete your Douban account. You can contact them via email at to ask for manual removal of your account. Please tell them they are blacklisted here. If they fail to respond, read the tips below to anonymize your account.URLS:

How to delete your Circuit Lava account

Deleting your account is not possible. Please send them your account removal request by using the contact form found here: Our users, however, have reported that they do not respond to any such requests. URLS:

How to delete your Personality Cafe account

You cannot delete your account yourself. Asking them to delete your account manually doesn’t help, either, so this site is blacklisted. Send them a complaint here: and tell them they are currently blacklisted on AccountKiller. Read the tips below to anonymize your account.URLS:

How to delete your GoPetition account

Make sure you are logged in, then use the direct link to close your account. Enter your password and a reason as to why you are leaving. Note, your data will not really be removed, it will be archived, and you can reopen your account any time, hence the grey listing here.URLS: http://gopetition.com

How to delete your Tourbar account

1. Make sure you are logged in. 2.Go to 2. Scroll down to “Delete account” 3. Enter your password to confirmURLS: http://tourbar.com

How to delete your Baidu account

To remove the Baidu extension from your browser(s), use the following instructions. Internet Explorer Click “Start.” Select “Settings,” and then “Control Panel” and then “Add/Remove Programs.” Scroll to Baidu on the list of programs. Click “Change/Remove.” Firefox Select “Tools” and then “Add-Ons” in the browser menu. Select the “Extensions” tab. Select the Baidu toolbar. Click “Uninstall.” Safari Click on “Applications” in the browser menu. Scroll to “Toolbars” and click on Baidu. Click twice on “Uninstall.” Enter the “Username and Password.” Click “OK.” Chrome Right-click on the extensions bar. Select “Uninstall.” Choose “Uninstall” again. Source:

How to delete your Grammarly account

Use the direct link to go to your account settings. Then choose “Delete my account” on the right, and click the button to confirm.URLS: http://grammarly.com

How to delete your account

One of our users points out: If you made an account your account can’t be deleted. Any information (like your email address) you used to sign up with this site can’t be changed/deleted. You can try to contact the people who run this site and ask them to delete your account, but it is more than likely that you won’t receive a response. Here’s the link to contact the site: URLS:

How to delete your QQ account

It is now possible to close your account. See // for more information. URLS: