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How to delete your Baidu account

To remove the Baidu extension from your browser(s), use the following instructions. Internet Explorer Click “Start.” Select “Settings,” and then “Control Panel” and then “Add/Remove Programs.” Scroll to Baidu on the list of programs. Click “Change/Remove.” Firefox Select “Tools” and then “Add-Ons” in the browser menu. Select the “Extensions” tab. Select the Baidu toolbar. Click “Uninstall.” Safari Click on “Applications” in the browser menu. Scroll to “Toolbars” and click on Baidu. Click twice on “Uninstall.” Enter the “Username and Password.” Click “OK.” Chrome Right-click on the extensions bar. Select “Uninstall.” Choose “Uninstall” again. Source:

How to delete your Grammarly account

Use the direct link to go to your account settings. Then choose “Delete my account” on the right, and click the button to confirm.URLS: http://grammarly.com

How to delete your account

One of our users points out: If you made an account your account can’t be deleted. Any information (like your email address) you used to sign up with this site can’t be changed/deleted. You can try to contact the people who run this site and ask them to delete your account, but it is more than likely that you won’t receive a response. Here’s the link to contact the site: URLS:

How to delete your QQ account

It is now possible to close your account. See // for more information. URLS:

How to delete your Hypejar account

Follow the link below to visit your account’s settings page. Now, on the bottom of the page, check the deactivate button and click the link. Voila.URLS: http://hypejar.com

How to delete your Youku account

We couldn’t find a way to delete your Youku account. If there’s a way, please let us know. To file a deletion request, use the form found here: and ask for account removal.URLS:

How to delete your Kijiji account

If you’ve registered there’s no way to delete your account. The account appears to ‘go away’ after not using it for a while, but this is not the way it should be. Try to contact them to have your account removed manually. Use this link: for various contact options, including a live chat. Tell them they should add an account removal option! If you just put up an ad and did not register (taken from their FAQ): We will send you an email notification once your Kijiji Ad is no longer on a prominent page. The email contains links to bump up your Ad and to buy other optional features. It also contains a link to delete your Ad from the site. Should you no longer want to receive this email, click the link found at the bottom of the message to unsubscribe from our notification system.URLS: