How to cancel your Trim Down Club account

About Trim Down Club

Trim Down Club is a weight loss club. It was founded in early 2012. The company is based in San Francisco, CA. Ossie Sharon is the Director of Nutrition and a registered dietician. She has over 20 years of clinical and research experience in nutrition. She has worked with private clients as well as in hospitals and research settings. Noemia Strapazzon is a registered dietician. She has experience working in clinical dietetics, weight loss management, and nutrition.

The Trim Down Club is a natural weight-loss program. The club adapts proven and simple principles for weight loss. The program will help you eliminate processed foods and start eating more natural and healthy. You will start to replace bad food with better food choices. You will not have to worry about counting calories, carbs, fat grams, or points. You also will not have to deal with fad diets or diet pills. Most of all, you will not have to starve yourself while you are on the Trim Down Club weight-loss program.

With the Trim Down Club, you can meet your weight loss goals in five easy steps. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to melt away the fat. You will interact with others and learn positive things that will inspire you. You will have a team of certified nutritionists and dieticians that will be there for you. You will receive meal prep information and instructions on how to cook tasty recipes to help you curb your appetite. You will also gain access to the latest studies and scientific articles to help you stay in shape. The monthly membership starts at $9.90 per month. You will also have access to online tools such as My Progress, Personal Menu Planner, My Journal, Instant Menu, and My Menu. If you would like to cancel your membership with The Trim Down Club, follow the cancellation instructions that are included on this page.

Some Account Information You Might Need

We’ve found that the following information might be needed when you use the below methods to cancel.
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Billing Address
ZIP/Postal Code
Reason for Cancellation

How to Cancel Trim Down Club by Web Form

Step 1. Navigate your internet browser to
Step 2. By scrolling down, find the contact form
Step 3. Fill out the page with your information where it requested to do so and request cancellation immediately
Step 4. Ask for a verbal confirmation code or email as proof of your cancellation
Step 5. Do not consider your account cancelled until you receive an email back. You may be asked if you are sure you want to cancel. If so, respond affirming your desire and wait for a confirmation that your account has been cancelled.
Step 6. Retain the confirmation information you’re given

Trim Down Club could also be known as the following

B2C Media Solutions Ltd
Trim Down Club
club adelgaza bien
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  1. The article is very easy to understand, detailed and meticulous! I had a lot of harvest after watching this article from you! I find it interesting, your article gave me a new perspective! I have read many other articles on the same topic, but your article convinced me!

  2. Please help me. I got knocked off your site twice after I put in all info about paying. I want OUT!! Delete my info. Unsubscribe me NOW. I am very angry. Please cancel me ASAP. Please. Julie Fuller

  3. Cancel unsubscribe me I don’t want you to take any more money out of my account I don’t find this to be useful I want out ASAP thank you

  4. cancel my membership to the trim down club, I have looked into your company and I am not interested. Refund back any money you took.

  5. I canceled my account on February 3,2020. I have been charged again on March 4, 2020 again for $9.90. CANCEL MY ACCOUNT AND REFUND. THANK YOU

  6. Kindly cancel my account with immediate effect. I can no longer afford the monthly charges. Thank you. Penny Tiernay
    Please confirm that this has been done

    • I am going to ask you all again to stop going into my account trying to get money out ,I dont want no service from you all, if u don’t stop I will turn this matter over yo my lawyer’s as of now I will be keeping all this info showing you all are still trying to get money out my account after I ask u not to an close my account out with you all.

  7. Please cancel my membership in the Trim Down Club. I enrolled to help my husband lose weight, but he has no interest. Since I am cancelling prior to 7/24, I expect NO charges to my credit card. Please confirm my cancellation. Thank you.
    Lynn Mcgraw
    [email protected]

    • You need to cancel your account at This page is not associated with the trim down club, it’s an independent site that shows you steps on how to cancel accounts from many different websites.

      I don’t know why people keep posting comments like this lol.

  8. I canceled this months ago. I am still be charged. I want a full refund! I will be reporting this. I’m beyond disappointed. I don’t use of any this!!

  9. Wtf is going on. I thought it wrote on this box to cancel my subscription but u people haven’t done so. I will immediately contact my bank. Cancel my subscription now!


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