How to delete your Epinions account

Use the link (webform) to request account deletion. By the way, what would happen if you’d fill in the email address of some other member? Tricky, not very neat.URLS: http://www.epinions.com

How to delete your Gather account

Account deletion should be requested, use the form link given. More can be read in the help section: http://www.gather.com

How to delete your Current account

Send them a deletion request using the form link (or use e-mail). Include your username and e-mail known at Current. Read more on http://www.current.com

How to delete your Weeworld account

Use the link to visit the ‘contact us’ page and write Weeworld a neat request to delete your account. Too cumbersome and non-automated if you ask us!URLS: http://www.weeworld.com

How to delete your LiveJournal account

The sentence we don’t like about the FAQuestion on deletion is: “However, you will need to manually delete any comments or entries you posted in other journals/communities.” That may be a lot of work! This means a completely automated deletion is impossible. Anyway… Be logged in, use the link to delete and deactivate your journal … Read more

How to delete your DeviantART account

Apparently not everything is deleted from DeviantART, as stated on the deletion page, which is actually a ‘deactivation’ page. Also, have a look at their little sniff sniff message in their FAQ: – it’s funny (and sad). URLS: http://www.deviantart.com

How to delete your Digg account

As can be read on it is impossible to automatically delete your account. You should ask them using the webform named on this page.URLS: http://www.digg.com

How to delete your Steam account

About Steam Steam is one of the most popular sites for gaming. It does not matter what kind of game you are into; this site will have what you are looking for. From independent indie games that aren’t officially published by a big game company to games that are published by real game companies, you … Read more

How to delete your Instructables account

In the FAQ you can read this is only possible by PM’ing an admin or e-mailing the site with your request: info [at] See the FAQ question: