How to delete your iTunes account

There is no direct link for deletion. It is often smart to deactivate (disable) your iTunes account, since it’s linked to the possibility to use the items you once purchased (due to DRM. See also

It is possible to delete (cancel) your account, too. For this, contact Apple (mail or telephone) and request deletion. Use this link:

You will be guided through something called ‘Express Lane’. Since the options change on a regular basis, choose the options that suit your request best. At the end of the line you will be able to fill out the contact form and request removal. At this point you are asked (as was told to us) that you need to make a phone call. Ask for the Account Security Team and explain your request. In the end however, it remains unclear to us whether your account will really be deleted. Beforehand, you could log in and change/anonimise your personal data.


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  1. Can not share AAPL MUSIC with my wife… Some comment…. you are already logged in..APPLE store in the mall can not help…

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