How to delete your OpenOffice account

You cannot delete your OpenOffice Community Forum account. However, there is a trick to accomplish it!

Their response:

We do not have an explicit account delete function within the current phpBB version. However, you can use our policy that any unactivated accounts are deleted after 7 days to achieve this functionality. As a safety check, in the case of previously activated accounts that have been inactivated as a result of an email address change, it will only be deleted if the account’s email address includes the word “delete”.

So to delete your account, select the “User Control Panel” link at the top left hand of the screen. From this, select the Profile tab->Edit account settings then change you email address to a valid domain, but invalid mailbox that includes the word “delete, for example “[email protected]”. This email address will be sent an activation request which clearly will not be actioned and will be automatically deleted after the 7 day period.

Note that we leave your posts in place, to preserve the integrity of any posts to which you may have contributed. If you wish to delete these posts you may do so, but you have to do this manually post-by-post before you delete your account. If you decide to do this, we would ask that if the post is material to a topic, that instead of deleting your it, you edit it to remove the content that we wish to remove from the forum.


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