How to delete your Playstation account

You cannot ever delete your Sony Playstation Entertainment Network or PSN account.

Use the tip below to remove all your personal data from your account.

Next, complain about Sony’s loose privacy policies… There are several options, depending on your location. Look for the support page.

You can also leave a message on one of the support boards, found here:

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7 thoughts on “How to delete your Playstation account”

  1. That Just Sucks That PlayStation is Unable to Delete PlayStation accounts i just called them & ask if I can delete they said No Just create a New 1 it Sucks to make a Different PlayStation account Knowing that your last hasn’t been deleted

  2. so let’s say I used my PS4 to send a message to someone with a PS3 and days later I deleted my account. (and they didn’t get on to open my message yet) will they get my message?

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