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How to delete your account

You can only disable your account. Make sure you are logged in to your account. Then use the link above. It’s not clear what happens to your personal details. At least your username seems to be stored forever, because you cannot reuse it to create a new account, even after a few years!


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  1. haunted_coinop

    good to know

  2. 123

    Now that google has twitch as well, i it’s time to delete my account there.

    1. Brock Jolet

      Google doesn’t own Twitch.

  3. TronSheridan

    Dead link.

    1. Account Killer

      Updated. Thanks for noticing.

      1. Guest

        2 years later. Is there a way to actually delete it now?

  4. Online-Citizen

    I think that the information here is out of date. It appears that currently allows for the deletion of your account data via the following link:…. It is interesting that this link is listed in the privacy policy, but does not appear to be accessible through your user profile.

  5. 123
  6. BillyBoy

    Delete Twitch account :… -> log in -> enter password -> Delete My Account OR… -> my issue relates to… closing or deleting an account.

  7. Youssef Abi Raad

    So you can’t delete the account. Just deactivation.


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