How to delete your Facebook account

The link cannot be found that easily, but it is there. See the direct deletion link below.
Be aware not to login for 2 weeks or use facebook in any other way, or your account will be activated again, instead of deleted.

If deletion is too much for you, try deactivation first. The link is:

For more information, also read

As of August 2012, photos are now completely deleted, due to many complaints that they kept being accessible.

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77 thoughts on “How to delete your Facebook account”

  1. How do you delete a deceased person’s page when you don’t know their log in, password, email used to set up the account.

  2. If you delete your account and try to log onto it and it allows you in, then it has not been deleted, it should inform you the username or email does not exist…………

  3. I don’t think Facebook ever deletes an account. I had deleted mine about two years ago, then on a whim this year tried to access it. Put in my password and voila, facebook account was still there. The site needs to be blacklisted.

  4. My account has been hacked by someone and he has changed all of its info.. I am worried sick.. I dont knw what to do.. Please can anyone help me…

  5. My account had been hacked by someone and he has changed all of its info.. Including email.. Pasword .. Secret questions.. Everyything!! Can aone please help me…

  6. how can i delete my friends account well he used to be a friend he has accused me of things that i could go to jail for something i havint done he is spreading stuff on Facebook tha
    ts making look bed

    • It ccan only make you look bad if it is true ,if it is not true ,f…. it
      Any body can say anything about anybody ,not just on F.B. but in the world if you worry about everything anybody can say about you you are living a tortured resistance ,if it is not true it should not worry you

  7. question – we deleted an account – and cannot log back into it. BUT people still tag that account and it sends txt alerts to my phone! How can we stop this…

  8. For all you “14 day-ers” out there, this is directly from Facebook’s help page: “When you delete your account, people won’t be able to see it on
    Facebook. It may take up to 90 days to delete all of the things you’ve
    posted, like your photos, status updates or other data stored in backup
    systems. While we are deleting this information, it is inaccessible to
    other people using Facebook.”


  9. You cannot able to delete account directly if there is no any option to delete the account but only you can deactivate your Facebook account just on into setting and than go in will get option for deactivate Account in down side.if you need any other help realated to facebbok.

  10. My problem is i removed the negative post i made recently, deactivated my fb account, i still don’t know how to get rid off the negative post content i made a long time ago. It keeps showing up to google search engine. Is there any way you can help me solve this?

  11. and if u delete form cell and not laptop tablet, ure still active. i know ive tried it. im still on lapatop.. though ive deactivated myself..tried 5 times!!

  12. Don’t forget to kill off any apps that use your FB login first. Otherwise those logins will reactivate your account.

  13. It doesn’t work!!!! I have no visible captch to show up, and no audio to try either, and it only redirects you to Facebook’s delete my account site anyhow. Why can’t Mark Zuckerberg let me go??!!

  14. I have a really old Facebook account with an old email address that I don’t have access to anymore. Is there anyway of deleting this old FB account?

  15. Mera Facebook account login nahi ho Raha hai kya karu bahot bar kosis Kar Chuka hu lekin har kosis bekar chali jati hai

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