How to delete your Blendr account

Make sure you are logged in to your account.

Then go to the “Profile” menu (top right of the screen) and choose “Settings”.

From the settings menu, on the left, choose “Delete profile”.

Choose the last option from the list, “Delete your account” and click “Delete”

Next, follow a few confirmation steps and finally enter your password to complete the process.

If for some reason you can’t remember your password, you can have a removal link sent to your email address.

Note that it takes 30 days until your profile will be completely deleted from the system.


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6 thoughts on “How to delete your Blendr account”

  1. I’m having the same trouble, there is no delete profile option in my settings either. I was wondering if it was only for certain phones, I have an iPhone 5.

  2. Nope, wrong info here.
    On iPHONE Blendr app go here:
    1. press little person icon at bottom right of screen
    2. press gear icon top left of page
    3. press “account” tab
    4. press “delete account” at bottom of page (tiny tiny light grey writing..WTF???!)
    5. press “delete your account” at the very bottom
    7. follow prompts to finalize deleting account


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